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Mystery Mandala

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Mystery Mandala


LightBox Message Engraving


Circle round, everyone… this exquisite LightBox is one of our favourites! Timeless designs are perfect for a bedside table or as a soft glow in your room overnight. Peaceful and calm, the circle reminds us to find our centre and take a moment to breathe. Made from sustainably-sourced oak, all of our LightBoxes are 7.5” high x 5.5” wide. They’re powered by a standard North American 5v 3 amp wall plug with an on/off switch. Each LightBox comes with Bluetooth app control, allowing you to select a solid colour (over a million of them!) or a fade through a rainbow of your choice (greens and blues; purples and reds; etc.), set on/off timers and even have it react to your favourite songs. All LightBoxes are built with a custom LED insert to give you glow power for many years to come.

Technical Details

Weight 0.453 kg
Dimensions 15.24 × 15.24 × 25.4 cm

Birch, Oak, Styrene


5V USB Cable w Switch


Bluetooth LED Disc

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