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Get Your Glow On

Discover the Tea Light

Add a little warmth to any room with a Tea Light or two. Pop in  a candle and enjoy the soft light and the dreamy shadows cast in a wide range of styles. Available in singles and packs. 

Choose Your Mood

Laser-carved Oak

All LightBox products are designed, etched and assembled by a team of artisans who are passionate about using sustainably-sourced woods and materials.

Long-Lasting Light

Internal LED lighting gives you millions of possible colours and endless rich glow. If you purchase a LightBox, choose a static colour or shift through the rainbow using the included remote control

Guaranteed Happiness

We know you’ll love your LightBox from the moment you turn it on! If something isn’t working the way you like, let us know – we’ll make your heart happy and glowy again.

Your Amulight Your Style

You’re one of a kind – and you love sharing your style with friends. Wear this glowing disc of happiness wherever you go, and make the world a brighter place – one Amulight at a time.

Meet Lightbox Project

Hand-made in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, LightBox Project’s creations spread the magic of the rainbow into all corners of the globe, one light at a time.

Laser-etched from sustainably-sourced oaks, our products are beautifully intricate and a pleasure to own.

Choose from a wide selection of patterns and symbols to express your individuality, and light them from the inside with any colour your heart desires. 
Join us in spreading happiness and glowy-ness everywhere!