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Houses of Hogwarts

Houses of Hogwarts

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For fans of the magical Harry Potter movie and book series! No matter your house of choice, remember all of your friends and foes with this wonderful LightBox. Perfect for fans of all ages. Made from sustainably-sourced oak, all of our LightBoxes are 7.5” high x 5.5” wide. They’re powered by a standard North American 5v 3 amp wall plug with an on/off switch. Each LightBox comes with Bluetooth app control, allowing you to select a solid colour (over a million of them!) or a fade through a rainbow of your choice (greens and blues; purples and reds; etc.), set on/off timers and even have it react to your favorite songs. All LightBoxes are built with a custom LED insert to give you glow power for many years to come.

1 review for Houses of Hogwarts

  1. Samantha

    I just got this for Christmas and its amazing! The details on it are incredible!

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