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Radial Waves Hexagon

Radial Waves Hexagon


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Catch the wave with radiating and styled sound waves emanating from a central source. Approx. 11″ across and only 1.75” thick, your Hexagon wall art is designed to be mounted on a vertical surface. Screws are not included; select a sturdy fastener specific to your wall surface. All Hexagons come with a center-drilled hole in the back for easy hanging.  Hexagons are powered by a standard North American 5v 3amp wall plug, but can be connected to each other electrically to reduce the number of plugs required. Each Hexagon comes with a wireless remote for colour control and on/off – select a solid colour or enjoy over 300 pre-programmed patterns! By turning all Hexagons in your collection on at the same time, you can sync the colour patterns for an amazing display. All Hexagons are built with addressable LEDs to give you glow power for many years to come.


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