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Fire Element Amulight

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Fire Element Amulight


Amulight Message Engraving


Lighter Leash


Third in a collection of four celebrating the elements of earth, this Fire Amulight helps you burn bright with energy and determination. Buy one or collect all four! Perfect for cars, backpacks and more. All Amulights are approx. 2.3” diameter and 3/4” thick, and are made from layered, sustainably-sourced oak assembled with custom-developed electrical and LED components. Amulights automatically cycle through a full rainbow of colours indefinitely until you turn them off. With an on/off switch and replaceable watch batteries, Amulights will keep you on the glow for years to come. Your Amulight will come with a synthetic black cord – use it for wear as a necklace, or replace the cord with another clip of your choosing using the small hole at the top of the Amulight.

Technical Details

Weight 0.032 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 6 × 1.9 cm

Acrylic, Birch, Oak


2x CR2030 Coin Cell


3mm RGB Diode

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