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Mini Pyramid

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Mini Pyramid



Standing over 8” high, with a square base of 10”x10”, our glowing Mini-Pyramids are just like their big sisters… just smaller! These structures require a flat surface to sit on. All Pyramids are powered by a standard North American 5v 3 amp wall plug. Each Pyramid comes with a wireless remote control. This allows you to select a solid colour or enjoy over 300 pre-programmed patterns. There is a remote power on and off through the remote. All Pyramids are built with addressable LEDs to give you glow power for many years to come. We stand behind our products! If you have any issues with operation resulting from manufacturing issues, please reach out – we’ll be happy to help resolve the issue.

Technical Details


Birch, Hobby Board, Oak, Styrene


5V 3A Barrel Jack Wall Plug


WS2812b LED Strips

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